POSTED ON: Wednesday, 26th June, 2019 12:00 am   By: Marci Bacon

What is Home Health and what are the benefits of home health care

What is Home Health and what are the benefits of home health care

Home Health is a service that is provided to you in your home that is covered by your insurance to help you remain independent in your own home.  Most people have the misconception that home health is having someone come into your home to help you with housekeeping and helping with grocery shopping and errands.  Medicare will pay for a skilled nurse to come into your home and provide nursing services like medication management, wound care, iv therapy, education on new medical condition or disease, physical, occupational, or speech therapy and we can provide social work that a provide emotional counseling and community resources. Home Health can also assist with daily living activities like bathing and dressing.

In order for you to qualify for this benefit, Medicare requires you to be temporarily or permanently homebound. Most people have an illness or injury that requires assistance to get out of your home, whether it is an assistive device like a walker or a caregiver.  Medicare’s guidelines for homebound status: It requires a taxing effort to leave your home.

There are so many benefits to home health: Just knowing that you have 24/7 on-call access to your own nurse brings you peace of mind. Other benefits may include:

  • Reduce Hospitalizations
  • Recover quicker at home
  • Reduce falls
  • Medication education
  • Disease education
  • Respite for caregiver
  • The comfort of care in your own home
  • One on one attention