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Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Five reasons why you would like to begin hospice sooner

  1.  Provide emotional support for the family as they endure the disease progression with the patient

Families are provided with a team of care professionals that will be able to explain the disease process and how best to cope with the changes that they may be seeing in their loved one.  The team is experienced and can offer a vast array of support for the family, including respite relief, caregiver relief, and spiritual counseling.

  1.  Provide the family and patient with resources (equipment, medications, staff, and personal care supplies to improve the patients comfort at the end of life.  

Many families do not realize the financial burden that they may endure as their loved ones disease progresses.  Hospice offers that ability to offset some expenses by supplementing with equipment such as a hospital bed, wheelchairs, oxygen, personal care items such as depends and can cover those medication costs that are directly associated with the disease that is progressing.

  1. To help the family prepare and spend time on the quality of life of their loved one (giving them good days with the family).

When patients and families are faced with a terminal disease, we want them to enjoy their last moments together without anxiety, fear, or pain.  Hospice provides the family with the support to be able to make each day memorable and comforting.  Patients are not required to be homebound when on hospice.  We encourage them to get out and enjoy life-partake in those activities that will create those memorable moments for their loved ones.

  1. Help the patient have comfort both spiritually and emotionally

Hospice offers a spiritual advisor and a social worker to help the family, and patient address cares or concerns they have as they endure the disease and its progression.  

  1. Help foster positive outcomes at the end of life rather than tragedy

Hospice wants to give families the opportunity for the family to have a good memory of their loved one at the end of life and not one filled with grief, pain, or suffering.  Hospice is there to help nurture, foster, and empower families to spend quality time with their loved one being a family.


Ann Houk is the Chief Administrative Officer for Home Health & Hospice of Kansas.  Ann began her nursing career working in Cardiac Care, and throughout her 21 years of nursing, she has had experiences which include SICU/Trauma, Hospice, Home Health, Clinical Supervisor, and Administration.  She is actively involved in community activities that will enhance the lives of those she serves.  She is the Local Emergency Planning Committee Chair for Sedgwick County, she is a member of the Medical Reserve Cor for Sedgwick County, and she participates in activities with the Alzheimer’s Association. Together with her team, she has developed a Palliative Care Program that focuses on transitional care from diagnosis to end of life processes that have helped over 200 patients have improved quality of life.  Her focus is on achieving excellent outcomes utilizing practices to provide the highest level of quality care to the patients and families she serves.