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10 Things that may surprise you about hospice

10 Things that may surprise you about hospice

  1. Hospice pushes death prematurely- The goal of hospice care is to ease the dying process, not to rush it.

  2. Hospice helps you live longer- According to a study in the Journal of Pain and Symptom management, hospice extended life in patients an average of 29 days. Once pain and symptoms are under control, it can provide the patient the will to live.

  3. Hospice is not 24/7 care.  We do not move into the home and stay until the patient passes.  We do provide on call support 24 hours a day.

  4. Hospice can occur at home- Hospice is not a ok a place, but a philosophy of care that involves the patient’s support system. The care team comes to you, along with the equipment, medications and supplies all covered under the Medicare benefit.

  5. You stay in control- We design the care that you and your family wish on your terms and medical needs.

  6. Signing up does not mean you have to give up all medical care- You can still receive therapy for pain and symptom management.  You can continue to see your doctor and continue to remain in charge of medical decisions.

  7. Hospice is for the entire family- Hospice is about supporting the whole family with clinical, holistic and spiritual support. We also provide 13 month bereavement counseling for the family.

  8. You can change your mind- Goals and needs may change over time.

  9. Hospice means you have given up hope- Hospice seeks to improve the quality of life and allow dying to occur naturally. Our hospice team has allowed patients to fulfill lifelong dreams.

  10. You can graduate from hospice- Occasionally while on hospice, patients begin to feel better with pain and symptom management and their condition can improve to where they no longer meet hospice criteria.

Marci Bacon- Director of Business Development has been with Home Health of Kansas for about a year working with the community to provide home health and hospice services. She has been in healthcare management since 2013.  She is compassionate and loves helping provide care to the senior population. Marci is married with three children.  Marci enjoys home renovation, painting, photography and gardening. You can reach marci by emailing or click here to text .